Patient Recovery Vest

In a major transportation accident, such as a train crash, evacuation is only the first step.  Paramedics have approximately 30 seconds to assess a patient's condition and begin treatment before they must continue on to help others.  How can we expedite triage and treatment in a mass casualty accident?

During a 3-day emergency rescue course, we trained as paramedics and firefighters and role-played as patients.  We learned how to access, evacuate, prioritize, and stabilize multiple patients in a variety of scenarios.  Role-playing as patients yielded greater insight into the rescue process and allowed us to empathize with their experience.

CORE is a patient recovery vest designed for use in a mass casualty accident, such as a train crash.  

An on-board vital sensor continually measures the patient's heart rate and respiratory rate to assess triage priority.  An LED strip around the vest displays the patient's current triage level as green, yellow, or red and provides ambient light.