Smart Water Monitor

It's more important than ever to reduce our water usage, but it's hard to know how much water we really use on a daily basis.

Flow is a smart device for your home that helps you visualize and reduce your household water use. Each Flow device in your home collects information about your water usage, which you can view on a smartphone or tablet, and also provides direct feedback via an LED ring on the device that drains as you use water.

Flow also tracks your water usage over time so you can see a more complete picture of your water use, and shows you simple tips to help you save water, energy, and money.

This project was the result of a two-week storytelling exercise, and was an opportunity for me to explore new tools, workflows, and presentation techniques. 

Tasks l Completed:

Designed the concept and physical product
UI sketches and wireframes
Prototyped the app in Flinto
3D-printed the Flow device
Wrote the script for the video
Created storyboards for the video
Filmed the video
Edited the video
After Effects for LED effects and compositing Keyshot
Recorded the narration for the video