Health Monitor for Children

When your child is sick, it's hard to know what to do.  A thermometer is usually the only medical tool available at home, which only provides very basic information.  How can we help parents diagnose their child's health at home?

Medicall scans five key vital signs to give parents an overview of their child's health, and provides clear instruction on what to do next.

Medicall speaks to the user in a comforting and trustworthy human voice; it also uses LEDs and audio feedback to guide the scanning process and deliver results.

One of my main contributions to the project was creating the function sounds and voice prompts that allow Medicall to interact with users. 

The device sounds were created around a heavily modified Wurlitzer keyboard patch.  Each device sound falls within a different register of the same musical key, resulting in a cohesive family of sounds.

This two-week project was a collaboration between Advanced Product Design and Interaction Design at Umeå Institute of Design.  


Johan Grönskog IxD
Anna-Maria Schneider APD
Dongzhi Xia IxD